Physical Site Surveys

The first step towards a successful integrated network infrastructure is a physical site survey. Through a logically documented survey, you can ascertain the gaps in your company and prepare a durable action plan.

Revamping or creating your network infrastructure requires planning. You would need to determine where the faults lie, the root cause of disruptions and the technology required for long-term success. This is where the physical site survey plays an important role.

Through a template mutually crafted based on clients’ needs and our expertise, we thoroughly document the cracks in your network infrastructure and suggest better options. Our engineers will document your data centers, remote sites and new office locations.

Surveys include

Cabling infrastructure

Nationwide Cabling documents your current cabling infrastructure—meticulously scanning access points, end points, network devices, power-related devices and so forth. This is mapped out on a floor plan. We also assess the type of cabling, how it is housed, and if it abides by current industry standards.

Being your company’s lifeline, you want your cabling infrastructure to be professional. We document your current cabling infrastructure based on Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 7 and Cat 8 ethernet cables and fiber cables standards and best practices, including multimode and single mode options. For new sites, we assess the entire environment from scratch and suggest the best areas based on your floor plan.


Network Devices

Network devices are the connecting point between your hardware and the wireless network, users, devices, and applications. This includes hubs, routers, switches, modems, gateways, repeaters, bridges and access points. They are the veins of your organization’s network infrastructure.

Nationwide Cabling conducts an in-depth analysis of current network devices keeping in mind current industry prerequisites. The process for new sites is the same, and includes picking out the best locations for your devices.


Server Infrastructure

The server infrastructure of an organization is the foundation of your entire system, including physical and virtual assets such as hardware, network resources, software and more. If your infrastructure isn’t configured properly, your systems will inevitably fail. They provide storage support, data analysis, and processing abilities among other functions.

We document every necessary element of your infrastructure, specifically determining pathways , open spaces and current rack layouts. For existing sites, we map out your present infrastructure and suggest improvements. For new sites, we detail a plan after surveying the environment.


Rack layout and Design

An efficient rack layout design is crucial for saving time and resources in the long run. You don’t want to spend hours untangling and figuring out cables. Moreover, poor planning could lead to overheating, clutter and sub-standard performance.

Nationwide Cabling documents your current rack layout and design, suggesting overhauls, improvements and replacements in turn. For new sites, we suggest the best rack layouts close to your power and cooling sources.


Power and Cooling

If your cables and servers don’t have an efficient cooling system, they will malfunction from overheating. Similarly, you must ensure that your power source is sustainable for your infrastructure units.

Nationwide Cabling documents your current power and cooling resources, noting every intricacy involved. We than recommend the most effective systems for your requirements for both existing and new sites.


Spectrum Analysis

A spectrum analysis survey determines if there are interferences in the specified Wi-Fi coverage area. It helps your organization stay prepared for troubleshooting any issues that affect your network.

Several of your devices depend on connectivity such as computers, printers and audio video devices. We document any facets of interference, using a software to ensure that your devices work efficiently and smoothly. Whether your office is based in an existing site or a new one, our analysis is here to help.


Wireless Site Survey (Predictive, Active, Passive)

The wireless site survey ascertains where to put the most practical and effective access points onsite. Determining this is incredibly important for optimum network coverage.

The types of wireless site surveys include:

Predictive: This type of survey uses a software which inputs your organization’s floor plan and calculates access points based on set assumptions.

Active: The process of an active survey involves measuring the signal strength of your Wi-Fi network from an access point to the surrounding environment.

Passive: A passive survey listens to the Wi-Fi environment as a whole and doesn’t need to be connected to a Wi-Fi network.

We expertly document all three categories of surveys in both an existing and new site to give your organization a holistic picture of your wireless network.