Network Technology

Networking technologies leverage the power of connectivity between hardware and software to promote seamless operations. These tools are imperative for any medium to large scale company of today’s age.

Incorporating effective network technology in your company has several advantages. It keeps your data transmission flexible while improving the overall communication and producitivty of your employees. Moreover, your data becomes far easier to access and files can be shared promptly from one source to another. You will also have much more storage capacity for data with the added benefit of security.

Professionals at Nationwide Cabling evaluate and formulate your networking technology needs, and based upon our findings, create a solution that meets your requirements. We specialize in Networking technologies from Cisco Systems and have the capability to provide anything and everything under the general spectrum of network architecture.

Enterprise networking

Enterprise networking is the core backbone of any network, site and company. It comprises of both virtual and physical protocols that not only connect a local area network (LAN) system to myriad applications in your cloud or data center, but also enables contact with network analytics and data. It includes multiple layers of LAN, WAN, access points and more that would  provide a strong connectivity solution.

Enterprise networking is a vital facet of your company’s operations. We have the best engineers in the industry to help you architect and build an enterprise network which is robust, resilient, and highly accessible. Our designs will future proof your network for new technologies and imminent growth. Nationwide Cabling offers everything from a blank slate to a full global network.

Wireless (Campus, Point to Point, Mesh)

A wireless network allows devices to stay connected to the network, but roam untethered to any wires. An effective wireless network is resilient, always available, and intelligent beyond basic limits, while also being secure and protecting data and individuals. Today’s enterprises need sophisticated contactless worksites to enhance productivity and security. Employees need to have access to tools including audio/video collaboration, livestreams, smart offices and so forth at all times.

Nationwide Cabling offers a safe and secure wireless solution for your enterprise. We help you design and deploy autonomous, lightweight, local and centralized wireless solutions based on your requirements. We also provide campus, point to point or mesh solutions where a running cable is not an option.


Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN)

Software-defined Wide Area Network (SDWAN) is a WAN architecture that allows companies to use a combination of circuits that securely connects users to application services. Circuits can be a combination of MPLS, broadband, LTE and so forth. The key benefits of SD-WAN include reducing costs through transport-independent connections, enhancing application performance, and enabling better user performance with cloud-based applications.

WANs of another era are not ready to adapt to the exponential traffic that comes with cloud-based applications. If not managed properly, the traffic leads to data vulnerability and issues with overall performance. This, in turn, hampers operational productivity. SD-Wan is the solution. Nationwide Cabling provides SD-WAN services, right from design to deployment, using a different combination of circuits that best fits your needs.

Software Defined Networking (SDN)

The world is facing one disruption after the next, and you need a network that responds and keeps your business resilient. A vital solution is software-defined networking, or an approach to network management that enables dynamic, programmatically efficient network configuration. It improves network performance and monitoring, making it more like cloud computing than traditional network management.

Nationwide Cabling can provide you with zero touch deployments, centralized network and policy management on wired and wireless users and devices. Our solutions will help you automate and program your network more efficiently, completely based on current technology. It makes the life of your network engineer or office manager far easier, simplifying the process with a single device.

Data Center Technologies

Modern data centers have transformed completely from the older days. Instead of being strictly physical in natural, these centers now have virtual networks for supporting applications and traffic in a cloud-based environment. Today, data exists across a large span of data centers, and it’s important to have buoyant and robust data center infrastructure.

Data centers make file sharing, productivity, CRM, ERP and communication far simpler. Nationwide Cabling can assist customers with the site selection of your date center, data center moves, and DR sites. We also design your Data center, right from power requirements, cooling, rack selections, network hardware, Cabling, IP scheme, circuit sizing/selection to configuration.

Cyber Security

With security threats increasing by the day, cyber security is an important topic. You must ensure that all your data is safeguarded against potential attacks and breaches. Nationwide cabling offers the following cyber security solutions for your company:

Perimeter firewalls: This technology provides a secure boundary and acts as the main point of defense against malware, unneeded traffic, and dangerous code.

IPS / IDS: Both of these forms of technology detect, analyze and stop cyber-attacks.

Vulnerability Scans and Risk Assessment: Nationwide Cabling uses a vulnerability scanner to check how penetrable your network is and suggest changes to fix it.

Anti-Virus services: This includes a subscription to the latest anti-virus software that detects and eliminates threats.

Cyber security remediation plan: This plan determines how to remediate a breach. Nationwide Cabling provides a detailed outlook on how to handle such threats.


The internet of things include physical objects that are connected to the network. These “things” are created with software, sensors and related technology to function independently in a “smart” manner. They are connected with other internet devices and transfer relevant date from one device to another. Today’s IoT devices are paired to the cloud.

Nationwide Cabling can help you protect or deploy your IOT environment. We make sure that your data is segregated and secured after conducting a thorough analysis of your current infrastructure and requirements. We comply with all industry standards and protocols, keeping your organization future-proof.

Inventory and Lifecycle Management

Your devices have a set lifecycle, but how do you know which stage they are at? Nationwide Cabling offers inventory and lifecycle management services to determine the current level of your network technology, giving you insights on planning your budget and future resources.

During a site visit, we use a state-of-the-art device that documents your entire network and related devices. We discover and analyze data on equipment that is underutilized, out-of-service, at the end of its life, its vulnerable to security threats or if does not match your strategic needs. We provide completely accurate and timely information, bespoke to your organization.

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