Network Cabling Solutions

Structured cabling involves connecting several network devices, computers and phones together to promote high data transmission and minimal interference in work. A well-organized cabling solution forms the foundation of your business.

Network cabling solutions and structured cabling require a single, efficient, and robust cabling infrastructure for connectivity across your company. This includes specialized central communication racks and undisrupted flow from one workstation to another. Structured cabling not only addresses your connectivity concerns but also enhances work productivity.

Nationwide Cabling realizes that dealing with myriad cables can get daunting. We step in and find appropriate solutions for your structured cabling so that you don’t have to spend time on it. Every building has a unique structure and requires bespoke suggestions. Several factors come into play such as architectural variance, the ideal location for cable installation, height of the ceilings and more. We take everything into account before working on your requirements.

High Density Data Centre Fiber

High Density Data Centre Fiber is an essential component of organized cabling, as it bolsters your connectivity and applications. With the right type of cable, that is future-proof, your system will not face obsoletion. Nationwide cabling keeps both current and predicted needs in mind before designing, installing and implementing world-class fiber optic infrastructure for your organization.

We install the fiber backbone throughout your company, depending on the number of MDFs (Main Distribution Facility) and IDFs (Intermediate Distribution Facility) that are required. To ensure that we’re on the right path, we first survey your surroundings and acquire technical information to start planning the best solutions. We also schedule a walkthrough at your physical site and take your input on what you need.


Data Cabling Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7 and Cat8

Each type of cable has served a purpose during its peak time. While some have become obsolete, some still stay strong and match industrial requirements. What’s important, however, is to consider the future and how far your business will expand. As every year brings better opportunities for you and your business, it is imperative to implement a cabling system that is flexible and adaptable.

Nationwide Cabling offers standard testing cable for your organization, accompanied by a broad spectrum of media wiring systems. This includes Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7 and Cat8. As you must be aware, 5G is the next big trend, which will soon disrupt the market. We provide cabling solutions for the same.


 Cable Managemen

A professional cable management system looks neat, professional and works effectively across your company. Disorganized cables often last for a shorter time and do not do their job properly. A cable doesn’t go bad, it only malfunctions when something wrong happens to it. This is where we step in.

Nationwide Cabling installs cable management systems at the right place and time. We design and develop accessible and presentable cabling to ensure a high caliber performance. We also look into escorts, patch cables, abandoned cable systems and more.


Rack and Cabinet Solution

Rack and cabinets solutions are determined after analyzing the switches and routers in your distribution facility. The type of solutions provided are diverse, right from patch panels, well-mounted racks to extensive infrastructure. It is vital that your location bolsters, not hampers, your system.

Nationwide Cabling offers adept expertise to build your rack and cabinet solutions, including UPS and power distribution, grounding and fireproofing. Keeping all your elements in place within a minimal-risk environment ascertains that your cables stay resilient.


Pathway Solution

Well-configured pathway solutions are necessary for buildings of all sizes, right from a one-floor work site to a multistorey building. Each pathway solution requires fireproofing, fire wool, IDFs, MDFs and more. It is also important to check the status of the site’s air-conditioning.

Keeping in mind industry cabling standards and local ordinance and policies of government authorities, Nationwide Cabling installs state-of-the-art cable pathways. We design, install and deploy pathway solutions across your organization, no matter how extensive the scope is.


Raised Floor Space Planning and Layout

Raised floor planning has several advantages such as easier access to data cables and power lines, along with removing the HVAC ductwork requirement. It also provides an edge in terms of climate-control, as temperature is controlled through the room’s flooring. This, in turn, saves expenses and increases flexibility.

Nationwide Cablings helps with the layout and planning of raises floor cabling infrastructure, taking into consideration the distribution aspect of layout and installation. Once your raised floor has been implemented, we take care of installing pathways, equipment, racks and anything else that is required for your network.

  • High Density Data Centre Fiber
  • Data Cabling Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7 and Cat8
  • Cable Management
  • Rack and Cabinet Solution
  • Pathway Solution
  • Raised Floor Space Planning and Layout