Business Phone systems

Business Phone systems are diverse and several brands offer the best solutions. However you must always think: What’s best for your business?

Nationwide Cabling can help you find the best business phone system solutions for your company, ranging from traditional VoIP to UCaas, from brands such as Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft and several others.


Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP is a popular alternative to a traditional phone service, deployed through a local call agent and copper cabling. Businesses that convert to the same have more flexibility. The risks included are minimal.



Unified Communications as a Service or UCaas includes VoIP calling and is cloud-based. A single platform promotes collaboration, communication, video conferencing, sharing files and more


Which is better for you?

The answer depends on several points. Nationwide Cabling can provide guidance for both systems depending on what you require.

Businesses where remote work is not as much as onsite work could opt for a VoIP. On the other hand, businesses that require more collaborative tools should go for UCaaS.

Meanwhile, global companies should opt for the flexibility of UCaas. However, if you prefer cutting down on costs and your operations are primarily local, VoIP is the best solution.